About this site…

cropped-cropped-10782347906_ab585d38fe_k2.jpgThis site is dedicated to exploring alternatives to conventional home ownership which is out of the reach of many. This site is new and I’m learning WordPress on the fly.

In the meantime, here’s a short bio about me and the passion behind this project:

My first home was in a small, New England town. Soon, I was plucked out of this world and transported to the Peace Corps in West Africa. This was the first time I saw little mud huts like those in the Jungle Book. Years would go by before thoughts of little huts returned…

In the meantime, life happened–a fairly predictable life of marriage, homesteading and child rearing. As my life progressed, I became caught up in the acquisition of “stuff.” I lived in a 2,800 square foot home and owned 4 cars. I remodeled my kitchen. I shopped. As the years went by and my children matured, I became withdrawn and unhappy. I had all the trappings of affluence, but I did not feel whole.

Then, in 2011, I took myself out of my comfort zone and lived for 7 days in the extreme heat, visual euphoria and outrageousness of Burning Man. I experienced and embraced the idea of community and wanted to learn everything I could about how I could contribute to the idea of community in the real or “default” world.

Seeking community has put me on a journey to discover how we use, own and value space. I went back to school and majored in urban planning. I continue to research the built environment through the housing lens. Thoughts of huts, or rather, tiny houses, became my new focus. I sold or gave away most of my possessions and bought a small teardrop trailer. In this transitory state, I am researching home ownership in a cooperative framework: in particular, how can we live more sustainably in community? How can we return home ownership to the people and take it out of the corporate domain? How can we live “smaller” and happier lives?

This website will be devoted to the study of “small” and “development by the people” as it pertains to home ownership. As home prices continue to sore, home ownership is quickly receding from the grasp of an increasing amount of people and I continue to research and advocate for affordable housing.

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